The Timeshare Company, LLC, Purchases Unwanted Ownerships

Since 1994, The Timeshare Company, LLC, has helped owners who want to relieve themselves of properties that have become burdensome. Unlike other timeshare disposal businesses, The Timeshare Company does not insist on lengthy contracts and make owners wait for months as a new owner for the timeshare is arranged.

The enterprise does not list or rent properties, but simply purchases ownership on the spot. This provides owners who are financially under water with an expedited way of avoiding taxes, assessments, and fees that are continually being assessed. One satisfied customer from Alberta, Canada, complimented The Timeshare Company on its professionalism in seamlessly facilitating the transfer, through easy-to-use systems. Another Massachusetts customer noted that she verified that the deed to the unit was no longer connected with her in any way. Details about the firm and its effective approach to timeshare disposal can be accessed at

The company’s owners support a number of charitable organizations, including the American Cancer Society and Yahara House, part of the Journey Mental Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin.