The Keeper

A Life of Saving Goals and Achieving Them
By: Tim Howard
Genre: Non-Fiction

The Keeper: A Life of Saving Goals and Achieving Them

Timothy Matthew is the author and main character of The Keeper. Tim was born on March 6, 1979 in North Brunswick Township, NJ. He is 6' 3" and a American goalkeeper, Everton goalkeeper and former Manchester United goalkeeper. Howard started his career with the North Jersey Imperials then went on transfer to the Metro-stars soccer team. Soon Manchester United had signed him for a contract in 2003 to live in the rich world, with lines of team mancines and a car exclusively from them. However, when Manchester United signed a good famous goalkeeper named Edwin van der Sar, Howard felt like he will be replaced and just said to be a substitute while his former wife was pregnant, so he moved on loan to Everton on February 2007. Everton isn't as wealth as Man. U, however many of his team members moved to Everton and loved it and once he moved there he loved it there too because it was much more friendly and welcoming them Man U. Tim Howard won the 2003 FA Community Shield, the 2003–04 FA Cup and the 2005–06 League Cup. He represented the United States in 2002 World Cup and was a substitute for the 2006 World Cup. Then he was first-choice and started in all of the United States games during the 2010 and 2014 World Cups. During Howard's life he found someone in his life to make it more complete, his former wife, Laura Cianciola Liebenrood, who he later filled for divorce with because.........(you'll find out when you read the book, you'll be surprised why!)


This story take place in New York, Manchester, Liverpool (Everton), places around the U.S.

The Conflict

Tim Howard's conflict in his life he lives through everyday is being diagnosed with T.S. (Tourette Syndrome). T.S. has transformed Timothy Howard to what he is today because it caused him to have mussel jerks and to make noises at random times, like clearing his throat in class and while playing soccer. Tim twitched in class which turned out to be a problem because people would talk behind his back and whisper, "Hey wait , Tim's about to twitch". This caused Tim to want to drop out of school. T.S. however had it's benefits including helping Howard to be the best soccer goal keeper in the U.S and Everton F.C. Another diagnosis is OCD, Tim had OCD with caused him to follow a list/ each day


Tim Howard was born in a foren country with his mom, and brother in a tinny house. Growing up he was born poor with his family and soon Tim was introduced to a camp were he met a goal keeper coach named, Coach Mulch. Mulch introduced and pushed Tim to work hard and to realize his true position in soccer. Tim couldn't pay for that camp so Mulch payed for the camp mostly because he saw something outstanding and interesting that separated him from all of the other young goal keepers there.


Never give up.

Things Happen for a reason.

Always try.

No matter what is going in life you can do anything you want.

What Was The Quote/Part Of The Book That Impressed Me And I Remember The Most?Connections

The Quote and Part of The Book That Impressed and I still remember The Most from "The Keeper" was when Tim met different kids who had T.S. and a kid had mild T.S. However Tim's mom was telling Tim that he was so lucky for not having T.S. that was "mild". Tim counter attacked and said "There is no such thing as mild T.S., everyday is a living struggle". That 2nd quote can be a sentence that describes Timothy Howard's whole life, because it describes what he has gone through his whole life.

I believe everyone should get this book although it's long, this book can be very inspiring. Non-soccer people can get a little lost than those who know this sport you can at least connect to this book at least once throughout this book in your life.

Why Should One Get This Book

Who I recommend this book to and why.

I believe there are many people that can be inspired or enjoy this book including people who are or have: a disorder, poor, soccer players especially goal keepers, and others.


Text-to-World: Tim Howard and others start out not being wealthy, however a specific skill(s) or characteristic changes their life and they become famous.

Text-to-Self: I myself like soccer but not particularly goalie.

Text-to-: There are many good goal keepers out in the world.

Text-to-world: Many people in the world are diagnosed with OCD and Tourette Syndrome.




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Tim Without beard.
Tim saving a goal for team USA.
Tim on the U.S. one dollar.
Tim with beard.
Tim with Man. U.
Tim Howard with Jacob and Alivia Howard.
Howard with 2 kids, mom, dad and 100 jersey.

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