The Veterans Support Organization

The Nationwide Efforts of Veterans Support Organization

About The Veterans Support Organization

Established in Rhode Island in 2001, the Veterans Support Organization (VSO) provides financially distressed individuals who have served their country with assistance in securing productive employment and stable housing. At its inception, the group focused primarily on creating a food bank and provided small monetary grants to needy individuals. The mission of the Veterans Support Organization expanded when it became clear that these services alone would not alleviate the root cause of many former service members’ predicaments and struggles. In particular, many returning military members faced stress-related conditions, as well as a challenging economy, that made finding gainful employment difficult.

An integral support mechanism within the Veterans Support Organization is its gift program, which encourages charitable donations from the public for its nationwide network of housing facilities and community-focused jobs programs. Those individuals participating in the work program generate collections that help provide organizational funding. Other recent fundraising pathways include significant donations raised through a number of Florida Books-A-Million book fairs.

To learn more about The Veterans Support Organization missions of providing work, housing, and gift to veterans who are homeless or having trouble finding work, please visit

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