Rise  of the City

By: Araceli Flores

When the City of Rome was growing bigger there was an exploration of people who started to believe in Christianity more than they did in Rome's culture. For example the serfs of Rome believed in Christianity but the kings told them what to do so they had no choice. Don't get me wrong there are positive and negative things about being a serf and living in the city or the manor. Some positive things about living in the manor is that even through you are told what to do you still get the protection that you need. But in the city you are still told what to do but you don't "receive" the protection like if you would have lived in the manor.  Would you rather live in the manor or the city if you where a serf, personally I would rather live in the manor because you might have to be pushed a little more but at least you had the protection that well make you live a "little" longer. The reason why I say a little is because if there is a big attack you would be protected by a whole army of knights . You may not be the one they want to protect but a least you have a chance to live.

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