Safe & Secure

1) System Security

  • I WILL Log on to MY and only MY account…and not log onto anyone elses
  • I WILL NOT give the aca network a virus or other harmful code INTENTIONALLY
  • I NEED to tell the tech staff if I have identified a possible virus or a possible security problem
  • I WILL take all responsible precautions to prevent others from hacking into my account

2) Intellectual Property and Privacy

  •   I WILL NOT copy or transfer any copyrighted software to or from computers on the ACA School network without permission from my technology teacher (includes web browsers, MP3 players, and games)
  •   I WILL NOT plagiarize words or phrases off the internet
  •   I WILL respect the rights of copyright owners
  • I WILL NOT make a private message public without the owner’s permission
  • I WILL NOT send false or private info about others

3) Inappropriate Language and Harassment

  • I WILL NOT use any inappropriate, rude, threatening, profane, obscene, lewd, or disrespectful language to any or all users
  • I will not post information that could cause danger or disruption or engage in personal attacks

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