Images are the new storytelling platform. That's apparent from popular apps we use every single day. With ThingLink, you can add links to images and video in a powerful, interactive way. Both ThingLink and Tackk have a variety of uses in almost every subject in education, so we're excited to announce our new partnership:

Tackk + ThingLink partner to showcase
interactive images and stories.

Give your completed ThingLinks a home on Tackk

Creating multiple ThingLinks on one subject? Need to show multiple ThingLinks as examples? Create a Tackk to add text, give the backstory or assignment details around your interactive image. Get collaborative: Use Tackk Stream to spark a dialogue about your image.

Use one of our pre-made ThingLink lesson ideas

We have a handful of ThingLink/Tackk lessons in a variety of subjects, and we're  working on adding more. Combining both tools gives students creative freedom and focuses on persuasive writing, digital storytelling and critical thinking skills.

How can you embed ThingLinks into Tackk?

  1. On ThinkLink, create your ThinkLink image and add links
  2. Click 'Share', then select the Tackk icon
  3. This will automatically add your ThingLink image to a Tackk
  4. That's it! Your embedded ThingLink is clickable on Tackk.
  5. Add text, headlines, maps and more to give more context

A quick demo for adding ThingLinks to Tackk:

ThingLink + Tackk examples

Students add their Romeo & Juliet ThingLinks to Tackk Stream

ThingLink virtual field trips on Tackk

Spanish art lesson

Tackk a ThingLink vocabulary activity

What's New with ThingLink?

ThingLink is now offering district level sign up for organizations. A verified ThingLink account gives schools and districts so many more resources and access to teacher/student dashboards. There are also new updates to their iOS app with improvements that make it safer and easier to use for Education.

Learn more about ThingLink's new updates!