In today's session, we will discuss the benefits and purposes of teachers and students using Thinglink and Canva-individually as well as smashing them together to create new interactive content, explore these new tools as well as additional resources to assist in creating beautiful Thinglinks.

Participants will dive right in and begin creating content within Canva and Thinglink that you will be able to use immediately. Focusing on creating to build your own content to be able to teach students how to smash their own presentations using Canva and Thinglink.

What is Thinglink?

A web-based platform for creating interactive images and videos.
{The About Me above is a Thinglink!}

What kind of links can you include?

  • Video
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Text
  • Even your own docs via Google Docs!

Examples of Awesome EDU Thinglinks

What is Canva?

In simplest terms, Canva is a web-based graphic design site. But it's SO much more! It's drag-and-drop tools make it very easy to use.

Some Examples of Canva Designs

How Do I App-Smash Canva & Thinglink

1. Create your image or design in Canva
2. Download your Canva 'As An Image'
3. Upload your Canva design to Thinglink
4. Add tags to your image in Thinglink
5. Share your Thinglink!

App-Smashed-Completed! Examples

This was a collaboration between students and myself. They created the Thinglinks that are linked on the U.S. Map.

This was created by Kasey Bell ( using both Canva and Thinglink.

This is a recap of a PD that Lisa Johnson ( did. Once you get to know Canva, you can spot it! But Lisa is a self-proclaimed #canvangelist

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