4 Things That You Will Hear if you Sit at My Lunch Table:

Today, for you guys I have assembled a "Get-to-know Max" type of thing. I will go through a list of things that are often said at my lunch table, so you can better get to know me, my school, and my crew. So, without further due, here are the four things that you are likely to hear if you sit at my lunch table.

#1: Bruh

I have a theory on the word "bruh". So you know back in the day when they used to say "brother"? Yeah, well, people thought saying the word "brother" was too hard. So, they shortened it to just "bro". Well, then people thought having to say the "o" sound was to hard, so they changed THAT to "brah". And THEN (You can probably see where this is going) they changed it to "bruh". And, one of these days some lazy person is going to start saying "brugh" and tgen everyone's going to say "Oh, so it's brugh now! Let's copy that guy!" Seriously, mankind is going downhill.

#2: You Do It!

So, a quick tour of my crew! Alva, Victor, Sammy, Barrett, Dale, Shane, and Jacari. And if it weren't for Jacari, "You Do It!" wouldn't be so popular at my table. So, at the beginning of the year, we'd spend our lunch daring other people to ask out random girls. Once, Barrett and Jacari got in a fight about this subject. Jacari yelled out "You Do It!" and Barrett began to mimic him. They soon were both shouting out "You do it!" at the top of their lungs, until they got in trouble, much to everyone's delight. Now, we still tease Jacari by saying "You Do It!" often.

#3: It was Camden!

Again, this is another funny story. Once upon a lunchtime, out of the blue, this kid named Camden decided to sit with us. Now Camden was actually pretty cool, but he was knocking out Shane, and none of us wanted to get beat up. (Seriously, Shane put Dale in a headlock for stealing his chips once) So, we decided to try and annoy Camden so he'd move. We shook the tables, and we yelled at the top of our lungs until we got a teacher's attention. When a teacher came over, she asked "Now who's makin' all that ruckus?!" And we all shouted out "It was Camden!" and he got in trouble. Nowadays, whenever a teacher comes over and asked us who did something we jokingly say "It was Camden!" I still feel bad for throwing Camden under the bus, though.

#4: Give Him a Round, Max!

Now this story is relatively newer. But before I start telling the story there's something I need to explain. So in health we have this "helping hand" thing, where you write five things that you've done to help people with, and then your parent has to sign it. Also in P.E, we have this exercise where we do ten "rounds" of an exercise. So in P.E, we were sitting in rows, and Camden (yes, I know, Camden's in a lot of these stories) got a congratulations for turning in his helping hand in early. So everyone started clapping. When our teacher had had settled us down, she said "Give em' a round!" meaning "They're gonna do more exercises!" But of course, me being me, I thought she meant "Yeah! Another round of clapping for this guy!" So I started clapping EXTREMELY loud. And everyone fell apart laughing at me. That's probably something I'm never going to hear the end of.