Things that You Need in Your Wedding

Planning a wedding in Singapore can be stressful and time-consuming but it will all be worth it. Wedding ceremony is one of the events that couples put a lot of effort in preparing, especially the brides. But there are some considerations that they forget about the things they needed that is why we listed them down for you. From venue to finding a wedding videography Singapore company, below are the ultimate wedding essentials you needed to plan and prepare for your wedding.

1. Venue

When choosing a wedding venue in Singapore, it is important to consider the proximity for you and your guests. Often times, guests could not attend a wedding just because it is too far away from their residence. Choose a place that will accommodate your guests and can be decorated beautifully on your big day. Also consider guests that do not have their own cars and check if will be easy for your guests to commute when they attend your wedding or you can provide transportation for them. The capacity of the venue should accommodate the number of guests you decided to invite so they can be comfortable during the ceremony.

2. Wedding dress and suit

Pick a wedding dress that will bring out your personality. If you want the white dress you saw from a retail shop or you want a designer to make your own wedding gown, choose the style and design you wanted. Remember that it is your wedding and you can wear whatever you want and it will happen once in your life so you really have to be sure you are happy with what you will wear. For the groom, he can decide if he wants to buy or just rent a suit which many people prefer especially that they are in a budget. Hair and make up for the bride should also needed to be decided on who will you choose as your stylist and what type of makeup that will complement on your wedding dress.

3. Caterer

Find a caterer that has wide range of choices and offers wedding package. There are caterers that offer packages that will include from appetizer to dessert. Hiring a caterer for your wedding can lessen your hassle compared to deciding you will hire other people to prepare the food for your guests. The future husband and wife just have to pick from the menu on what food they want for their reception. Just keep in mind that your food will suit the taste of you and your guests as well. It is also necessary that you have different kinds of viand so your guests can eat that will suit them. For example, elders might not be allowed to eat pork so there should be dishes for those who prefer chicken or beef.

4. Photographer and Videographer

Having photos and videos during your wedding is worth the money because it can be considered as a lifetime investment. Do not regret paying once for a video and photos you can enjoy for several years. Let your future children see how you and your husband tie the knot and how you look like during your big day. When finding the perfect wedding videography Singapore company, check their style and the quality of the photos and videos they produce. It is essential that the photos and videos are produced in high quality to be sure that it can last for several years. Let the photographers and videographers document the scenes and happenings you might miss during your big day. Watch it whenever you want even after ten years and relive the magical moments once again.