Think Tree Technologies

Software consulting and developing company

Think Tree Technologies

Businesses use software differently than individuals do, and Think Tree Technologies is a software consulting and developing company that helps businesses meet their goals through software solutions. Many businesses rely on enterprise software, a collection of computer programs designed by the SAP AG company that store, manipulate, and display large amounts of data for use in operations like online shopping, project management, content management, and much more. Think Tree Technologies understands that while SAP software supports core functions for businesses, businesses must also integrate external information. This crossroads is where Think Tree’s professional services in enterprise resource planning (ERP) are of value. Think Tree’s consultants are experienced in several ERP platforms, including NetWeaver, CRM, and SCM, and specialize in helping companies find and implement the ideal ERP solution.

Think Tree’s specific services include helping businesses with ERP implementations, upgrades, rollouts, and maintenance. Their services also include development and maintenance of the enterprise applications themselves, as well as integration of computer programs within enterprises.

In addition to their expertise in designing and implementing enterprise-based solutions for their clients, Think Tree Technologies specializes in training their clients’ employees. Training programs start at the very beginning by communicating the benefits of software applications to employees. Think Tree is committed to offering training that is timely and audience-appropriate, and they have a variety of teaching methods. After making certain that employees are familiar with Microsoft windows (a prerequisite for using SAP products), Think Tree uses computer-based training to teach basic SAP skills. Their training also allows employees to experience SAP transactions as a way of simulating job responsibilities. Think Tree’s coaching, workshops, and instructor-led training are all vehicles for preparing employees for SAP-centered work. In this way, Think Tree Technologies aims to support their clients from identifying the best solution through to all the steps of implementation and maintenance.

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