Third Grade Resources

Project Ignite

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Getting Started

This digital flyer contains resources for third grade teachers at Dwight School. General resources for all Timothy House grade levels are included in the iTunes U course developed for Project Ignite. Please install the iTunes U app and join this course to view all materials. Keep in mind that these resources are intended for you to browse at your leisure; we will not be covering ALL of the links listed!

Enrollment code for iTunes U Course : CAD-RSK-FEL    OR

About Tackk

Tackk is a free tool for creating digital posters/handouts. It's similar to S'More and perhaps Glogster. Check out the following example of how a teacher has used Tackk for instruction.  Also, check out tech integrationist Lisa Johnson's work with Tackk and other cool tools.

Google Docs & Google Classroom

Social Media & Digital Citizenship

Here's a video featuring teacher Kathy Cassidy explaining the role of social media in her classroom.

Tracking Thinking

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