Labrador Blue Heeler mixes

By: Sabrina M.

Labrador Blue heeler mixes are great! They have a pretty long name but that just makes it better! I hope after you read this text a mix will find a home, and that home will be your home!


The first thing you need to know is if your dog really is a mix. Sure... the vet will tell you, but you can too! By what they look like! First think about the coat, or the fur. It will usually be white on the stomach, the paws, and the tip of the tail. The rest is black but the color may vary. The fur never gets to long but will grow to at least an inch. Next is height. For a kid like, me it would grow to about your knee. For an adult, it would be about 1 ½ ft. tall. I can't say exactly how tall it would be on you because it would differ on height. Also they grow to at least two feet long if not longer from head to toe. But appearance is not all you have to think about, there’s a lot more. Think about this.

Special Needs

Some dogs need a lot of grooming, some don’t. Some dogs need a lot of feeding, some don’t. The Lab mix needs only a little grooming, but in the winter its hair gets longer and needs more grooming. But the coat still sheds, and it sheds even more in the winter. If you get 2 lab mixes they might eat each other’s hair because it smells like them and that could teach them to eat your hair if it is too long. Also there is feeding. They are just like humans needing 3 meals a day but not needing any snacks. When your dog needs food they might bark or paw at you for attention.


Right when you see you dog you will know that’s the one and after a day or two the dog will know that too. And that’s when the guard kicks in. Your dog will not stop trying to keep you safe. If you take it on a walk it might bark or whimper if there are other dogs or people around. But if you have 2 dogs they might not only whimper for you, the might whimper for each other too. After maybe a year your pup will know adults vs. kids and wont jump on the kids knowing it might hurt them. On walks or while playing outside your dog might start barking, don’t be scared. Dogs have a keen sense of hearing and smelling.


Now is the cool part... how to have fun! Lab mixes are VERY energetic! Tug of war, chase, and even just throwing a bottle and playing around with it would be great to have fun with your dog and keep it healthy. But the most important thing you need to remember is that YOU are in charge. You control the dog. NEVER let the fun get out of control. Dog fight with each other to practice in case they really did need to fight one day and if you let them, they might start fighting with you too and think it is a good way to play. When you dog starts to bite you, jump on you, or scratch you, you need to stop because it can get out of hand. Someone could get hurt.


I hope that now that you read this book you can have fun with your dogs but you won’t let anything get out of hand. So we can all stay safe and have fun!