My culture

Culture of kryptonite

My culture is about kryptonite, kryptonite begin the year 1940. It all began on a planet far from earth called krypton. By a man named Sir William Ransom and Morris W. Travers. Before the krypton planet died Sir William Ransom send his son of to earth where he keep there culture alive.


The krypton's get the education from a academy. The academy is a special school  for krypton's. It teaches them how to use the power for good and how to control it. They graduate when they 20, and the cost is free as long as your a krypton, if your not the cost is $100 dollars a year.


Krypton's protect their shelves by having highly training super soldiers, that only get specially picked by. Yes the citizens do feel safe with them around cause there highly trained and dedicated to there job as security. When the security needs help they can ask our military for help or call superman!!!! They all work together but mostly depend on superman to help them out.


The people krypton live just like any other person. They mostly live very big populated city's. The population is very big and is getting way bigger! Their architecture is very different from ours, in so many ways amazing and advanced!! There people live in very big  communities or very big homes!

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