Frankenstein Vocabulary

By:Miriah Wyers


My sister has an obsession with cleaning the house.

Synonym- compulsion

Antonym- hate

Examples- cleaning and playing sports


My niece and nephews like to agitate me.

Synonym- disturb

Antonym- calm

Examples- Bothering somebody  


I am going to be toiled this weekend because I have to help my mom in Raleigh.

Synonym- Labor

Antonym- Entertainment

Examples-  A job


My sister looked very grotesque in her old Halloween costume.

Synonym- odd

Antonym- common

Examples- Frankenstein and big foot  


My sister was very feverish when she found out that their family has to move to Japan because my brother-in-law is in the Navy.

Synonym- hot

Antonym- calm

Examples- Moving to a different place or going to a different school


If you are convulsive, you are at higher risk of having a seizure.

Synonym- Seizure

Antonym- Peace

Examples- Somebody having a seizure


My sister devoured my grandmothers food.

Synonym- absorb

Antonym- nibble

Examples- Eating too fast


My dads favorite subject in high school was anatomy.

Synonym- medicine

Antonym-  connection


The tree in my front yard is very gnarled.

Synonym- twisted

Antonym- straight


People who do not cooperate are usually shunned or jailed.

Synonym- neglect

Antonym- accept

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