Why Swimming is a Great Activity for Everyone

Thomas A Greaney - The Value of Charity

Experienced Human Resources professional and former city council candidate Thomas A Greaney understood the importance of giving back to community, and was committed to being an active and involved member of his local area for many years. As someone who was genuinely interested in maintaining the health, strength and unity of his local community, Greaney contines tout the many benefits of community service.

Thomas A Greaney wants everyone to have the best, most fulfilling community service experience possible, and provides some helpful tips below for achieving a more rewarding community service.


It’s important to perform a good amount of research, says Thomas A Greaney, before committing yourself to any community service activity, no matter how good it may look on the surface. Be sure to ask friends, family, coworkers and others about their past service experiences, and make sure the nonprofit you choose to support is legitimate, legal and has a good reputation.

Match Your Skills

You will be a far more effective volunteer, as Greaney knows, if you commit yourself to an organization or position that can genuinely use your skills to be more productive. Search for opportunities that allow you be of the most benefit to the group, event or cause you’re volunteering for.

Build Your Career

A great way to ensure you’re getting the most from an opportunity is to search for and find a position that is related to your career interests, and that may benefit you career-wise somewhere down the road. Finding a position In your career field, says Thomas A Greaney, can help you build the career skills and experience you need to land a great job in the future.

Swimming is a great activity. Not only is it easy on the body; it is a great way to keep yourself in shape. When swimming, you are engaging all the major muscle groups, including your back, shoulders, legs, hips, abdominals, and glutes. Swimming also helps build strength through resistance.

Swimming is a good whole body exercise. It is low impact, which makes it great for people that are suffering from arthritis, musculoskeletal limitations, or weight issues. The buoyancy of water allows both those that are fit, as well as those that are out of shape the same opportunity to get in shape. The water helps to cushion stiff joints and bones that may be fragile, keeping them from becoming injured by the impact of exercising on the land.

Many athletes use water exercises to rehabilitate themselves after they have suffered an injury or as a way to cross-train and build up their strength and muscles. Those with medical issues like arthritis or other disabilities use swimming as a way to improve their range of motion and to help relieve any pain or stiffness that they may be suffering from as a result of their medical condition.

Swimming is a great way to get back into a regular exercise routine. Just starting off with a 10-minute, semi vigorous swim can get you well on your way to getting back into shape. Thomas A. Greaney, along with running regularly, loves to hop in the pool and swim. He says that after a long day at work, swimming is the best exercise to help him relax and reflect on the days events.

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