Thomas Disselkamp

Award-Winning Engineer, Philanthropist, and Athlete

About Thomas Disselkamp

An electrical engineer, Thomas Disselkamp currently serves as a product development specialist at the 3M Company in St. Paul, Minnesota. He joined the company in 1981 and has been repeatedly recognized for his achievements within the company; for instance, he earned corporate engineering awards for a unique proprietary web inspection system and an optical/electronic process monitoring system. The 3M Company also gave Thomas Disselkamp its quality achievement award for the development of an optical magnetic tape defect detection system that is used for products that the company sold to the Department of Defense.

Outside of his professional life, Tom Disselkamp takes an interest in charitable activities and pursues a variety of hobbies. A supporter of the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, he has sponsored two international children through the organization and also volunteers with Feed My Starving Children, a Christian nonprofit that sends hand-packed meals to malnourished children in more than 70 countries. In his free time, Thomas Allen Disselkamp also enjoys vegetable gardening and grilling, as well as a variety of sports including skiing, running, hiking, biking, and swimming.


Finding Lake Superior Agates

Minnesota business professional Thomas Allen Disselkamp currently works with 3M Company in St. Paul, heading the company's product development for components of optical and electrical systems. In his leisure time, Tom Disselkamp enjoys hunting for agates.

Residents of Minnesota may know that the state named the Lake Superior agate as its official state gemstone. The area around Lake Superior continues to be a popular site for rockhounds searching for these agates, which often feature yellow, orange, and red coloration due to the presence of iron (although plainer white and gray agates also exist). These agates range in size from small pebbles to rocks weighing more than 20 pounds. Thomas Disselkamp has an extensive collection of agates which span a wide size range.

Visitors to the beaches of Lake Superior may find these agates among the other rocks by the shoreline. However, other places to look for agates include the shores of the Mississippi River, along trails stretching from the North Shore to the Twin Cities, in gravel pits and quarries, in farmers' fields, and even among landscaping river rocks around businesses.