Thomas E. Tate

Thomas “Tom” Tate has led operations at Tate Builders, Inc., in Martha’s Vineyard since 1983. As the company’s founder, Thomas E. Tate provides custom design and build services to individuals throughout the island. The company is responsible for some of the area’s most notable homes, including several homes in the Chilmark Pond area.

While visually arresting The Ark on Chilmark Pond was designed with comfort and functionality firmly in mind. The home is tastefully scaled and replete with understated, handcrafted details and reclaimed, antique features. The Ark’s custom architectural design is complemented by the surrounding environment. In addition to scenic Chilmark Pond, the house is set against a field of wildflowers and surrounded by a series of footpaths leading to a private dock.

Tate Builders also constructed on Quitsa Pond a six-bedroom home, a two-year build that represented one of the organization’s most complex undertakings. Among the home’s many features are a double recurved roof system and a finely tuned climate control system.

Thomas Tate, the owner of a Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, construction company, has decades of experience as a builder and business owner. Thomas E. Tate constructs homes to fit a range of budgets, but he specializes in building high-end residences for discerning individuals; his homes boast fine appointments and an attention to detail that has earned him a loyal customer base among residents of Martha's Vineyard. Before relocating to Massachusetts in the early 1980s, Thomas Tate secured his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Oregon State University and also attended Wisconsin's Madison Area Technical College, where he studied architecture.

Through his company, Thomas E. Tate has designed and built a number of the island's most prominent residences. One Tate Builders home overlooking the Vineyard Sound features stone work, both in the lower level and in the large chimney, that took expert masons almost a year to finish. The house also encompasses unique elements such as curved railings and antique materials. Another residence, which took Thomas Tate and his colleagues two years to complete, features nearly 150 double-paned windows, Portuguese granite floors, and even a state-of-the-art temperature control system for the client's collection of art.

Thomas Tate also performs renovations of historic properties. Over the course of a year, he carefully restored a six-building compound by locating specialty aged materials and recycled products. He additionally ensured authentication by hand-carving doors and windows, and adding dormers faithful to the style of the 1930s, when the compound was first constructed. The website includes a portfolio of some of his work.

Outside of his professional life, Tom Tate enjoys keeping active through a number of outdoor recreational activities, including hiking, snowboarding, and biking. He also likes to relax by boating around the island. A socially conscious individual, Tom Tate supports the goals of The American National Red Cross; World Vision, Inc.; and Amnesty International.

The Function of Clash Detection Analysis in Design and Construction

As the president and owner of Tate Builders Inc., Thomas (Tom) E. Tate leads a design and build company that develops both modest cottages and luxury homes on the island of Martha's Vineyard. During each project, Thomas Tate and his team members utilize complex design software that helps streamline the process through a number of features, including clash detection.

Clash detection is the practice of integrating architectural and construction planning models to identify and reduce conflicts prior to construction, which helps minimize delays and improve cost efficiency. The models are developed by architects, MEP engineers, structural engineers, and manufacturers. A customized clash detection analysis will incorporate the relevant models and allow teams to strategically coordinate high-impact elements.

By performing clash analysis, project teams can anticipate a variety of potential issues, such as how one project component can hinder the installation sequence of a different component. Continuous clash detection work enables project teams to resolve constructability and sequencing conflicts before they can create an issue at a build site.

Traveling Education from Hostelling International

The founder of Tate Builders, Inc., Thomas E. Tate continues to serve as the company's president and leads the building of custom homes across Martha's Vineyard and surrounding regions. Previously, Thomas (Tom) Tate spent a decade as manager for Hostelling International's hostel in Martha's Vineyard. The staff recently dedicated a building in his honor.

Hostelling International offers a variety of educational programs to its members, such as its travel education seminars. These seminars, available for youth and adults and geared toward new travelers, cover basic information, including practical elements ranging from airfare to packing. They also aim to open participants' minds to the experiences they will face, preparing them to appreciate the different cultures they will encounter.

The seminars Hostelling International presents range from World Travel 101, which focuses on visiting international locales on a minimum budget, to Women Traveling Solo, aimed at women of all ages who intend to take trips alone. Those interested can find these programs at hostels across the nation, as well as in colleges, libraries, and other community centers.

Sanctuary Safeguards Martha’s Vineyard’s Habitat and Wildlife

A recognized home builder on Martha's Vineyard, Thomas (Tom) E. Tate is the owner and president of Tate Builders Inc., which specializes in custom homes. Thomas Tate also focuses on environmentally conscious designs and construction practices to contribute to the protection of the island’s natural beauty and pristine ecosystems, such as the Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary.

Comprised of 194 acres along the shoreline of Martha’s Vineyard, Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary offers four miles of trails that wind across meadows, woodlands, ponds, and shorelines. While providing a space for exploration and reflection, the sanctuary also protects the wildlife and habitats unique to the island. Visitors are able to experience some of the resident wildlife at the Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary bird and butterfly gardens. With the sanctuary’s Owl Cam, visitors are able to see local barn owls lay eggs, eat, and grow up.

The sanctuary also hosts Sengekontacket Pond kayak tours, including special full moon sessions. Since 1964, the sanctuary’s Fern & Feather Summer Day Camp has additionally been a memorable part of the island experience for many people.

The Ark on Chilmark Pond by Tate Builders

Located in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, Thomas E. Tate is the president and owner of Tate Builders, Inc., a Martha’s Vineyard home design and construction company. As the leader of the business for more than three decades, Thomas “Tom” Tate has managed the building of a variety of custom projects, including The Ark on Chilmark Pond.

Tate Builders constructed The Ark, potentially the company’s grandest custom home design to date, on a scenic plot of land rising above the western shore of Chilmark Pond. Tate Builders’ attention to detail can be seen throughout the home, notable for the understated craftsmanship and the use of reclaimed and antique building materials.

The Ark also stands as a testament to Tate Builders penchant for scaling a home to fit the surrounding property. The house overlooks a meadow of flowers and includes a walking path that leads to a private dock. From there, residents can make a quick boat trip to some of the island's most beautiful beaches.

Granite Uses and Properties

A construction professional building luxury homes on Martha's Vineyard, Thomas E. (Tom) Tate owns Tate Builders, Inc. Thomas Tate customizes homes with a variety of materials, including Portuguese granite.

Granite is a heavy-duty stone that offers stain and scratch resistance. The durable stone can also withstand heat, making it a prime material for kitchen countertops. Flooring, fireplaces, and pavement are other areas homeowners and builders like to integrate the stone.

An igneous rock that contains up to 50 percent quartz, granite forms below the Earth’s surface. Crystals, such as mica and feldspar, form in the rock when magma cools, giving each piece a distinct look and marbling of color. Its crystalline structure can contain natural fissures. While uncommon, the minor fractures are part of the stone’s beauty and do not impact its structure. However, the rock is very porous and requires a sealant be regularly applied to decrease absorbency of foreign matter. A sealer, when applied properly, fills stone pores with a resin to prevent deep stains.

World Vision Continues Its Work in Nepal One Year after Earthquake

As president of Tate Builders, Inc., Thomas “Tom” Tate has completed residential design, construction, and renovation projects for clients across Martha’s Vineyard. Outside of his professional activities, Thomas E. Tate supports several charitable organizations, including World Vision.

More than one year after a 7.8-magnitude quake hit Nepal, World Vision is still working on the ground in the country to help affected individuals and communities recover. Over the last 12 months, the organization has distributed shelter and emergency supplies to nearly 21,000 families and provided clean water and hygiene products for 118,000 people. The group also helped build temporary learning spaces that now serve more than 8,000 Nepalese children.

Currently, World Vision is working in the hardest-hit communities to restore infrastructure and to institute disaster-response, heath, and education initiatives. Through partnerships with local government agencies and other nonprofits, World Vision also continues to repair and rebuild permanent classrooms that will serve an additional 1,500 students. To learn more about World Vision’s work in Nepal, or to support the group’s efforts, visit