Thomas V Conwell

President with Old Naples

About Thomas V Conwell

An accomplished business consultant with many years of experience in the field, Thomas V. Conwell currently serves as the director of business development with Biovation in Fort Myers, Florida. In this capacity, he sources and cleans contaminated property and lectures on environmental topics such as the bioremediation process and green technology. Thomas V. Conwell also holds the title of executive director of the Florida Professionals Association in Fort Myers, where he vets professionals in the fields of brokerage and legal accounting.

For nearly a decade, Thomas V. Conwell has served as the president of Old Naples, a business consulting firm based in Fort Myers. In this role, he identifies new business opportunities for clients and helps them gain access to new revenue streams. In addition to working closely with government agencies to improve disaster relief activities, he has negotiated national boat sales rights and the purchase of an 18-hole golf course in Naples.

Thomas V. Conwell holds a bachelor of science in finance and communications from Saint Cloud University.

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