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The House on Mango Street - Sandra Cisneros

In The House on Mango Street, contains short stories that make up the whole book. The novel is fiction, but it feels like the character is real. This book is about a girl named Esperanza. She moved into a house that is on Mango Street. She matures throughout the book and Sandra Cisneros unfolds the difficulties that Esperanza goes through in interesting way.

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My Thoughts:

What I liked about this book is that the book is a short read, you can finish it within a couple of hours. The book is also written in an interesting way that I haven't bumped into before. Even though this book is a short read, you can definitely tell why it's an AP book. The book is from a first person's perspective, which is quite cool, you'll be able to know what the main character is thinking and just her perspective in which you can compare to your own.

Although there are many great things about it, this book is not my cup of tea though. I find this book quite boring to read, but I think if you really get into the meaning and analyze the chapters, it'd be a wonderful book. To me, there isn't really a bang, but the books I like are action type of books, but this book is the total opposite. If you really like books that surrounds a main character, I recommend this book.

"...what I remember most is Mango Street, sad red house, the house I belong but do not belong to" (110).

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