An Insight

"Many companies like to claim they are global innovators — in fact, the term "innovation" was used in nearly 30,000 news releases issued over PR Newswire in the past year — but few can actually prove it. So how do you filter out what is true innovation versus merely a great idea or a successful product?" - Thomson Reuters

The Opportunity for Thomson Reuters

  1. To Be 'Real Time' Indispensable - The default 'distinguishable' provider of knowledge built on insight and delivered in real time to power the critical decisions of the 21st Century.
  2. Create Rapid Access To Business Impact and Value - Make the Enterprise Team an aligned, valued and highly relevant player in the organisation. A seat at the table.
  3. Develop Competitive Advantage in a Highly Competitive World - The world has become fiercely complex and any small percentage of performance increase is highly valuable. No matter how well you are doing.

What We Deliver - KVS/GP

  • A Proven Approach To Executable Value & Impact - A proven and practical platform, people and expertise that's deliberately designed to compress time and value into highly engaging and collaborative processes and outcomes.
  • World Class Visual Interpretation Practices & Techniques - Complexity is pervasive. Visualisation is the crucial weapon - from stimulating and provoking thinking right through to displaying, packaging and deploying everything in the business. Visualisation is now at the heart of engaging global audiences and the communication of value in every dimension.
  • A New Language Of Transaction & Performance - Our eco-system is made up entirely of practiced world leaders - dedicated to building new ways to transact and communicate value. This means exchange of information between humans and the 'packaging' of value that can be transmitted in the digital age.

Thomson Reuters

The world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals.

Thomson Reuters provides intelligent information to the world’s businesses and professionals, serving the four primary customer groups above. They have a leading market position, with well recognized and respected brands in each of the principal markets.