Shaun White

Biography project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
Made by: OH 6th hour

He was born in September 3rd, 1986. When Shaun was born, he had a severe heart disease. Shaun had 2 treatments on his heart, and they were both a success.. Shaun started snowboarding at a young age. When Shaun was only 6, he went to a snowboarding camp. Even though he was the youngest at the camp, he was better than almost everyone at the camp.

Here are a few videos about Shaun White:

Medals Won

Shaun won 2 gold medals at the 2003 X Games. He also won gold medals in 2004 - 2013. During the 2006 Olympics, Shaun won a gold medal in the halfpipe. 4 years later, in the 2010 Olympics, Shaun won another gold medal in the halfpipe. However, in the 2014 Olympics, Shaun came in fourth, not winning any medal. He has also won a lot more gold and silver medals in more X Games.

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Shaun was motivated when Jesse (his older brother) said that Shaun was to young to skateboard with him and his friends, and ever since then, hes been motivated.


He was born with 2 heart diseases'. He grew up like a normal child, but he always loved to skateboard and snowboard. He went to a lot of snowboarding camps. Later in his life, he met Tony Hawk. He became a pro snowboarder before skateboarder. Now today hes a well known snowboarding United States, X games and Olympics champ.

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