Is Canada the greatest country to live in?

By: Cornelia Gillespie

I think Canada is a fantastic country to live in and one of the best. I believe this because, Canada is very peaceful, welcoming, and safe.

Canada's population is sparsely populated which means that our population is scattered or distributed about. Immigration in Canada plays a great role by welcoming immigrants to live in the country offering free healthcare for all citizens, and strong social services to help those in need. It has a reasonable living rate costs, including our taxes which provide us good social services such as health care covered by the government, and employment insurance. The climate could also be a problem for some people living in Canada bringing us freezing temperatures in the winter which is one of the many reasons why people live toward the Southern part of the country. Institutional land is set aside for places of worship. Typically located within or next to a residential area. Major transportation routes are located, on the outskirts of cities.

Canada is the world's second largest country, has plenty of natural resources including oil reserves second only to Saudi Arabia. There are special functions such as resource extraction (mining in Sudbury) or manufacturing (seed production in Hamilton) important jobs. Having many natural resources benefits businesses and industries, such as forestry, coal and mining industries that provide great wealth to the country.

Besides, the abundance of natural wealth, real estate in most Canadian locations has traditionally been cheap compared to other developed countries with more costly homes. A combination of a rising currency and rapidly rising real estate prices is no longer the case in Canada.

Canada has six landforms regions: Western Cordillera, Interior Plains, Canadian Shield, Great Lakes–St. Lawrence, Appalachian Mountains, and the Arctic. All these regions occupy significant portions of Canada’s territory. Each share similar geologic structures, physical features, climatic conditions, soils, and vegetation. Considered as a whole, Canada’s land form regions has a wide range of diversity: spectacular mountain ranges, sweeping plains, rocky uplands, temperate lowlands, and frigid tundra. From coast to coast Canada offers something for everyone Mountains, plains, coast lines, forests, lots of lakes, and many other spectacular views.

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