17 states in 11 days on motorcycle!

Life is a highway..

I am 16 years old and I successfully drove my own motorcycle 4,300 hundred miles in 11 days! July 8-18, 2013, my dad, stepmom, cousin, and cousin's wife went with me! We drove 3 separate motorcycles. My motorcycle is the smallest of the three! It is a Honda Shadow 750.

Things I learned:

-after 200 miles, your butt will get sore on a motorcycle

-how to eat and drink while managing to not wreck

-to wear sunscreen

-to use the restroom every chance given

States we went through:

1. Alabama

2. Tennessee

3. Mississippi

4. Oklahoma

5. Arkansas

6. Texas

7. New Mexico

8. Arizona

9. California

10. Nevada

11. Utah

12. Colorado

13. Kansas

14. Missouri

15. Illinois

16. Indiana

17. Kentucky

after a long trip, I was thankful to be able to sing "sweet home alabama"!

My favorite state: Colorado

My least favorite state: Nevada (because I hated Las Vegas )

It was a long trip for a 16 year old girl, but it was so worth it in the end!:)

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