Tools of the Trade
Nicole A. Rivera

Overview: Edmodo is a tool that helps students and teachers communicate. It is a free learning online media that students can use to stay connected in the classroom, collaborate and share information with classmates.

Students can use this tool to ask teachers question, turn in assignments, and talk to other classmates.

The benefits are it allows students to collaborate with fellow classmates.

Edmodo Video

Overview: Remind is used as a reminder app for teachers and other groups. It helps you remember due dates for assignments, homework, and tests.

Remind Video

Students are benefited by this app because it simply gives you a reminder.

Students can use this tool to get alerts and reminders from teacher.

Overview; This is a great way to create a visual representation. It doesn't matter if its a info graphic or an advertisement or even a way to show data, this app is a amazing for making visual ideas. People all over the world are using it.

Students can use this tool to create a visual presentation for any class.

Some of the benefits of this tool is that it has everything you need to make a visual graphic organizer.

Overview; Tackk is a tool that can be used to make blog-like pages. It assists the user in making posters, flyers, and simple pages for class activities. A Tackk page can be used as a visual.

Students can use this tool for making their own pages.

Some benefits are that it has canvases set up for specific projects.

Overview: the Design Cycle is a series of steps and phases that mostly IB students should use. These steps help you construct an experiment or design something or explain things. The Design Cycle is made up of 4 phases: inquiring & analyzing, developing ideas, creating a solution, and evaluating.

Inquiring & Analyzing

Example: if goal is to make durable sneakers. Research on sources for best material on shoes and what supplies you need to designed them

Developing Ideas

Example: write out materials and different fabric for shoes and get out all materials needed. Sketch out how you want your sneakers to look.

Creating the Solution

Example: Gather material needed. Start out by measuring out the size of your feet for the soles. Cut it out. Glue the fabric of choice to the soles and form the shape of your sneakers. Wear your shoes


Example: ask yourself: How did they hold on after putting them on? Did they get dirty fast? Were they comfortable when doing a physical activity? How did they look?

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