Three Rivers RC&D

Three Rivers RC&D Supports Local School District Projects

About Three Rivers RC&D

Three Rivers RC&D strives to improve the economic and environmental conditions in Northwest Florida through a variety of projects, such as local farm tours, community gardens, and native plant propagation efforts. For the past 4 years, Three Rivers RC&D has been awarded the Circle of Diamonds distinction from the National Association of Resource, Conservation, and Development Councils. This national recognition indicates that the council is complying with nonprofit management practices in order to make a positive impact on the quality of life for citizens of Northwest Florida.

Three Rivers RC&D enjoys a positive reputation in the Northwest Florida community by working with and supporting local educational institutions, such as the Bay County School District and the Santa Rosa County School District. One recent project where Three Rivers partnered with the local Conservation District helped school children learn about the importance of environmental conservation by building an indoor soil tunnel, a small enclosure that has been painted and decorated to resemble a soil profile.