Voyages EP

Thrupence is the collective project of twenty-one year old designer, illustrator and producer Jack Vanzet. Despite a base in wintery Melbourne, his creative outlet is stuck in an endless seasonal shift, washed amongst a bed of filters, delays and genuinely moving melodies, strung together with an artistic approach dedicated as a combined creative concept. His work inhales nostalgia and exhales a sense of calm, sounding between the decay of life in autumn and its confident bloom in the Spring. Incredibly easy to lose yourself within, his music is an insightful and intently mapped out snippets of audio representation that pushes the boundaries of season and location.

Besides his fast-rising musical profile, his work is heightened by the physical design and art that accompanies it, entirely designed and produced by his own creative mind. Taking inspiration from environmental beauty and classical art, his natural artistic approach both heightens and extends the purpose behind his musical output, adding understated narrative to his already layered productions.

Thrupence continues to gain critical acclaim worldwide as a man building his own world. A world free’d from boundary’s and entirely welcoming for you to enjoy. If you ever felt the need to lose yourself in a haze of understated melodic beauty and other-worldly direction, he is the artist to do it.