Travis Worley

The moons importance

This is going to be about the moon and its importance. Most people don't know how the moon effects us. After this you will know more than you did unless your really smart.

Moon phases

The phases of the moon are caused by different places or angles around the earth in which it has different amounts of light on it. Most of the time you only part of it. Its only once a month you can see a full moon. Also you can tell what day of the month it is.

How the moon effects the tides.

The moon and the sun work together in a way. The moon and sun effect the tides with gravity like in the picture.  Their gravity actually moves the water to cause high and low tides. We don't rely dont think about it.  

The moon eclipses.

The eclipse is were the moon lines up it between the sun and earth or behind the earth. Were it passes behind the earth is a lunar eclipse. A solar is were it passes in between the earth and sun.


Keep looking up.

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