Feudalism in Japan

Guiding questions + Answers + Pictures

Guiding Questions:

1. What is Feudalism?

Feudalism is a form of government

2. What led to the rise of Feudalism in Japan?

The weak central government could not control fighting among the daimyo (powerful land owners). Lawlessness led small landowners to become vassals(often received land from the daimyo and in return for this vassal offered military service to the daimyo) of the daimyo for protection.

3. What are 3 art forms from ancient Japan and how did they impact/influence society at that time period?

Bonsai/Zen Gardens - these are designed to help people  think  quietly. This also highlights the natural beauty of flowers and gardens.

haiku - Japan developed haiku poetry, three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables.

Noh - Retelling of legends and folktales only by men.

Calligraphy - a way to express beauty in shapes and sizes.

4. What was the social structure of Feudal Japan? Be sure to explain why each class is placed where they were in the Japanese social structure.

Emperor (The leader of japan but no power) Shogun & daimyo (powerful land owners that controlled power in japan) Peasants and artisans (Produced items that contributed to society), merchants (They were the lowest as they did not produce anything that contributed to society.)

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