Agents of Socialization


As a child, my family taught me a lot of things. I started playing soccer when I was five years old and my family taught me good sportsmanship, being nice to my teammates and other teams and being on time to practices and games. Also, my family taught me how to love others and myself. I love my nieces and nephews more than anything. Also, my family used to go to Myrtle Beach every summer. They taught me patience to sit in the car for hours on end as well as not complaining for being in the car for so long. These trips also taught me to have fun and live in the moment. I grew up on shows that were age appropriate and taught me good life lessons. One of my favorites was Powerpuff Girls.


School has taught me many things. Being in Clark Hall has taught me responsibility and time management. Since there are no bells, I have learned to keep track of my time so I can get my work done. I have also learned how to balance school with my social life and work. I can get manage to balance everything and get good grades. It has also helped me evaluate my future and start preparing for it.

Peer Groups

I have learned many things from my peers. With my friends, I have learned how to have fun and laugh. I have learned time management and making plans. I have to make plans to hang out with friends and I have to balance my time to make sure I am able to hang out with everyone. Being on a soccer team has taught me to create team relationships and has showed me how to be a leader. Being in high school, my peers have helped me engage in extra curricular activities such as football games, basketball games and baseball games. My peers have socialized me significantly.

Mass Media

Mass media has shown me many things; positive and negative. I have learned a lot of things through social media. I have learned how to manage my time between being on social media and getting my school work done. I have also learned how to connect with people. I have met some of my friends through social media. It also has kept me connected with family members and friends who live kind of far away. Mass media has also taught me to keep my personal business to myself and not share it with everyone because it bugs me when i see other people sharing their life on social media.

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