Plickers Quiz

Remember, the letter of the response you would like to select should be at the top of your plicker facing the teacher.  

Please make sure your fingers are not placed over the plicker shape, or your card may not be read.

1.  How many stripes does the US flag have?

A.  14

B.   10

C.   13

D.  11

How many bones are found in an adult human?

A.  305

B.  108

C.  54

D.  206

Who wrote "The Catcher in the Rye"?

A.  Steinbeck

B.  Salinger

C.  Fitzgerald

D.  Hawthorne

This triangle has one angle greater than 90 degrees?

A.  Obtuse

B.  Equilateral

C.  Isosceles

D.  Scalene

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