Super Size Me

week one

Super size me is an American documentary. it show cases Morgan Spurlock going on a 30 day maccas bindge. In that 30 days he has to try every thing on the menu atleast once and if he is asked to super size he must say yes. This show teachers us American society is badly influenced by the fast food industry and the processed food they are consuming daily/weekly. This documentary really gives us as viewers an insight into what the American culture is really like, which is obese.

Kids as young as 5 are already at an obese stage all because of fatty foods. USA is the number 1 obese country ion the world. The population is getting bigger and more fast food industries are opening. Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death. I think that if America really cared about people's lives over money then they would make a change by decreasing the amount of fast food stores all around the states. This documentary has made me think twice about eating fast food as often as I do. This has also made me want to get fit because being fat is depressing.

Morgan went from being a healthy American man, to not being healthy and being over the average weight.

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