Thulani LeGrier

Strategic Expert, Community Advocate, and Athlete

About Thulani LeGrier

Over the course of his career, Thulani LeGrier has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of strategic development and organizational direction. He currently manages strategy and product development for health care company Aetna, and he has driven both profits and organizational effectiveness for the corporation for five years. Highly successful in this role, Thulani LeGrier earned the company's Marketing, Product, and Communications Individual Leadership Award for 2012.

Dedicated to environmentally and socially responsible business practices, Thulani LeGrier dedicates much of his free time to researching these topics. He also volunteers in the community through such organizations as the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society, which he also supports through financial donations. In his free time, Mr. LeGrier enjoys watching as well as participating in sports. Once captain of his high school varsity tennis team, he still plays the sport as well as golf, basketball, baseball, and football. An avid traveler, he has also attended major sporting events across the United States and abroad.

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