Beautiful Jamaica is located in Central America in the Caribean. About 1 million people each year go and visit jamaica. jaimaica is a wonderful place to come and visit with your family. There are hotels, reggae music, beautiful types of animals, and everything you can imagine!

This is the Sandals Negril Beach hotel. This is an awesome 5 stars hotel. This is an all inclusive hotel for couples and also family. Guest can dive, snorkel near reefs, or even ride on a kayak and after all the the activities, go to the spa and relax! Don't worry that it is worth it spending a big adventure with families and couples!

jamaica climate

Warm Tropical weather is Jamaicans most popular climate in year round. Prices go up when peak season arrives! This happens during December to April. May and October are the wettest months in Jamaica, But watch out! between June and November hurricanes occur in jamaica. So if you want to go on a super duper trip with your family or on a honeymoon make sure you during December through April.

jamaica food

In Jamaica avocados are super popular. They are eaten with bread, vegetable salads. In other places avocados are often called a s a fruit or used in drinks. Avocados are native to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

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