Tianyi Wang

Tianyi Wang, PhD - Virology Expert, University of Pittsburgh, PA

Since 2005, Tianyi Wang, PhD, has served in the Department of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology at the University of Pittsburgh, where he is currently working as an associate professor and researcher. After earning a baccalaureate degree in dentistry at Beijing Medical University in 1996, Tianyi Wang started a doctoral program in microbiology at The Ohio State University, earning a PhD in 2001. From there, he conducted postdoctoral studies in virology and proteomics at UCLA and at the Los Alamos National Laboratory before continuing his academic career at the University of Pittsburgh.

A respected researcher, Tianyi Wang, regularly cited as Wang TY, teaches courses and mentors graduate students on biochemistry and microbiology topics specific to dengue virus entry, hepatitis C virus entry, host-pathogen interaction, innate immunity, viral proteomics, and related studies. He contributes to many leading scholarly journals and serves on the editorial board of the World Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Apart from work, Dr. Wang enjoys reading and discussing philosophy, and he is a self-taught guitar player. He also enjoys exploring the world and studying virology.