My Sweet Beginning

Standing in line for my first show with mixed feelings

Not sure what to expect leaving me overwhelmed

But also with excitement for what was to come

We knew it was going to be an extraordinary night

As the doors sprang open, my daydreams were about to come to life

While following our fellow fans in front of us

We found ourselves rushing into the pit

Bringing feelings that were electrifying

Awaiting the band's arrival led us to great desire

Then the lights shut off abruptly

Leaving us only with sounds of chants from hungry fans

Eager to see what the night had in store

As they hit the stage, I had never felt so radiant

The feeling was exhilarating and care free

Something that I have never felt before

Everyone around me was in remarkably good spirits

The band left me breathless, speechless

Being only about the music, all my worries drifted away

Leaving me with a love for something bigger than I have ever had

This was the beginning of an astonishing hobby

One that could never be replaced

A memory that will always bring me great pleasure and bliss

The beginning of my happiness

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2 years ago

Nice job! Loved your poem