Wonder Character In The Spolight: Via
By Tiffany

Characters Tie To The Theme

Via's theme is being helpful because i know that in the book,Via is always the bigger person and steps up to help August out. Another reason is in the text,at first when Justin had a play she didn't tell her parents because she didn't want August to come because she didn't want to be known for the girl who has a brother with a deformed face because that's all she was known for in elementary school,but then her and her mom get in a fight because her mom found out and got mad at her and August felt sad because he knows why she didn't tell them,he knew it was because of him,but they work it out and they go and she's not even embarassed of his face anymore.The evidence i found in the book is when Via says "in elementary school all i was known for was the girl with the brother that has a deformed face,but that all changed when i got in high school and if August comes with me to the play that's all i am going to be known for again." so that's what told me that she was embarassed by him and here's what tells me that she's not embarassed of him anymore,August helped Miranda get Via back as a friend so,if it weren't for August then Via and Miranda wouldn't be friends again.

Character Influences

I think Justin has the biggest impact on Via because he kind of took her in and helped and he is always there for her and that is good because her parents aren't really there for her because they are too busy taking care of August and his needs. The person she had an influence on is August because she helps him a lot and is always there for him and she loves him very much so she chooses to help him.August and Via's realtionship is important because they are brother and sister and that's important to have a realationship with your sibling and it's also important because if Via didn't love him he wouldn't have help from her.

Art Representation

I picked Via and this picture because it's like Via alone and looking for someone to take care of her and love her. I know this because in the book Via says that August always gets the attention,so she has no one on her side to help her and guide her.Then she finally finds Justin and he takes care of her and loves her with all his heart. Justin would never hurt Via so i think she feels safe with him and she knows he loves her and would do anything for her. In the book he uses the expression "she's like a lost bird and i am the mother bird that finds her and takes her under my wing." so that means he REALLY cares for her and loves her.