Michael Brady Period 6

The Tiger is a enormous cat with a orange color  with great white strips it is the biggest cat alive that is not extinct. The Tiger lives in Asia in these countries that follow India, Sumatra, China, and Russia in the far eastern parts it Lives on the ground deep in the the jungles of Asia. The Tiger eats mostly variety of  types of deer and wild pigs which variety of species.It has no predator that eats this magnificent cat but, humans have hunted them and when they die they get decomposed. The Tiger is endangered because of humans over hunting this glorious cat. They over hunted them in Asia for there body parts for medicine and  there fur. There is about 3,200 tigers left in the world it is horrible how hunting can affect a species. They classifies it as EN which means endangered level. There  is only 6 subspecies of tigers left there were others but, they are extinct hopeful we can do something to save this magnificent animal.