Terrific Tigers

By: Piper Hudon and Marisol Torres

The Panthera tigris (the tiger), is an endangered species to human kind. Most tigers live in rainforests near Asia and other countries like India, Thailand, Bhutan, Malaysia, Russia and Indonesia. Tigers mostly eat wild pigs and deer, but, it can also take on bigger prey. Did you know that LEOPARDS eat baby tigers? Well, it's true. Do you want to know why tigers are endangered? Well, humans are the main conflict for the tigers. They take their land and trade them for every single part of their bodies. Their are 3,200 tigers left in the world. Wild tiger numbers are at all-time low. Tigers has to be 26 years old to have babies, and they usually have 2-3 babies at a time. Link: http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/exploreorg/hunted-tigers-eorg