Tim Bitici Discusses How One Should Avoid Following Trends Blindly

Tim Bitici is a fashion stylist and educator to all who want to dress better. He has a distinctive personal style that is followed by many. He showcases class, simplicity, still offering an edge over the others. For him fashion is not following anyone blindly, but it is something that you are comfortable with and can carry with poise. One style combination that he simply hates is a woman in a corporate suit paired with sneakers. The biggest fashion disaster.

Fashion is bold, blunt, glamorous, yet classy says Tim. Since a child, he has been feeding on Vogue and it was bible to him and fashion lovers back then. It is good to keep ones attire simple and sober with minimal accessories, makeup, and simple hairstyle. According to Tim every woman is beautiful and all they need is the right clothes and correct hairstyle and they can rule the universe. It is a must to carry what you wear with ease and complete confidence and that is enough to make you look sexy and give an edge to one's personality.

Tim Bitici loves Paris the city that offers fashion and passion. He says that it is the only city that has best-dressed women. They experiment with styles and flaunt chunky accessories, it’s like madness of fashion in that city where each woman looks stylish and chic. Tim says no one can teach you style, it is absorbed from things around us. All one needs is inspiration that is everywhere is in the City Street, the gardens, flea markets, fashion magazines, etc. Fashion is not buying latest trends and styles it requires balancing and proper thinking what will suit you and what not.

Tim Bitici grew up spending most of his time in his dad’s restaurant with no connection to the fashion world. But his passion drew him to it and ever since he has grown in this industry. He shares a close bond with his family and tries to spend more time with them. To know more, visit www.timbitici.com

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