Year 9 Full Time & Fast Track:
Time For a Change

Starter Activity: Think - Pair - Share

Look at the pictures and discuss the questions below with a partner.

  1. What kinds of changes do these pictures suggest?
  2. How would you feel about them? (Or how have you felt about them?)
  3. Can you think of an example of when a change in your life has been positive?

Today's Meet

During the lesson you need to post some of your ideas on Today's Meet.

The question is:

Do you think younger people have different attitudes to change from older people?

Listening One

You are going to hear a radio interview with Mary, a travel journalist.

Before listening - Say whether you think these statements are likely to be true or false.

  1. Mary went off on a long trip somewhere.
  2. Mary won the lottery  before she went away.
  3. Mary has children who are still in school.
  4. Mary is married.
  5. Mary travelled alone.
  6. The whole family was arrested and spent a year in prison.

During the listening - Complete the Socrative quiz on what you hear.

Socrative: Room g20

Listening Two

Our Googledocs

Mitsuyo Barry Ilona  Kyung Jae  Leyang  Susumu  Aiyar  Aron  Anna  Yuna  Panatda


On your own...
  • Choose two pictures from 1-4 above.
  • Make notes (back of exercise book or iPad) on your ideas about the pictures.
  • Think about the important life events they show and why they are important.



  • Now move around the room talking to different partners.
  • Explain what your two pictures show.
  • Say how you think the pictures are linked (by the topic of change).
  • Give your own opinion of those changes.  Say how you would feel.

With a partner discuss these questions...

  1. How do you think the events in pictures 1-4 change our lives?
  2. What other important events change our lives?
  3. What event do you think has had the greatest effect on your life?

Today's Meet

Let's review our discussion for the day.

Quickly read through the posts.

  • Which do you agree with?
  • Which do you disagree with?

Be ready to talk about your ideas.