Timothy Batchelor

Timothy Batchelor’s Current Roles and Involvement in Law

About Timothy Batchelor

A constitutional and national security law scholar, Timothy Batchelor is presently Chairman of the Board of Directors for Subsea Engineering, Inc., a maritime subsurface vehicle design and development company. Additionally, Tim Batchelor served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for REDOT Media Opportunities Capital Corp III, an equity capital corporation based in New York. Timothy Batchelor became involved with REDOT after he sold his entertainment finance firm to a REDOT affiliated company. He was then asked to provide strategic direction on an investment vehicle that finances major motion pictures for producers affiliated with REDOT.

Currently, Timothy Batchelor is engaged in the field of law, as a shareholder for the Redot Center for National Security & Constitutional Law and the Redot Center for Law & Economics in Washington, D.C. He collaborated with constitutional and national security lawyer Charles Shanor for the 2013 update of his book Counterterrorism Law, and his work has been critically aclaimed at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland in 2013 and 2014.