Timothy Kasbe - COO of Gloria Jeans Company

A successful executive with considerable experience across many prominent business sectors, Timothy Kasbe currently serves as the chief operating officer of Gloria Jeans Company in Russia and the Ukraine. As an organizational leader of the largest fast fashion retailer in Russia, he oversees all aspects of the company’s operations, from technology, supply chain, Recruiting top talent, Marketing to company strategy. Timothy Kasbe also plays an integral role in the company’s international expansion efforts and works hard to maintain Gloria Jeans Company as an industry leader in the region.

Before assuming his current role, Timothy Kasbe spent several years as the chief information officer of Intrexon Corporation. In that capacity, he established first of a kind end-to-end order fulfillment platform for Intrexon's proprietary UltraVector platform. He also previously served as the chief information officer of Sears Holdings in Chicago, where he oversaw a dramatic overhaul of the company’s technological efforts to transform the retailer from bricks and mortar to online, social, mobile friendly retailer, in addition to establishing Sears's Shop Your way loyalty platform.