Timothy Shields, Stanford

UBS Management Professional and Stanford Graduate

About Timothy Shields, Stanford

A resident of greater Chicago, Illinois, Timothy Shields, MBA, is the director of program and program portfolio management at UBS. Over the course of his 12-year tenure, he excelled in positions in vendor management strategy, process outsourcing, and software licensing to earn multiple leadership roles. His achievements with UBS thus far include developing a new contracts tool to monitor and alert contract owners of upcoming software expirations, improving internal license management, and playing a vital role in growing banking revenue to an estimated $40 million annually. Timothy Shields, currently, is responsible for managing the firm’s long-term process and technology projects, as well as overseeing operating frameworks for information technology programs.

Tim Shields earned an MBA from Stanford University, where he studied operations and finance. While at Stanford University, he was actively involved in fundraising activities for the business school and participated in the Outdoor Adventures group, which planned hiking trips and white water rafting expeditions to destinations such as the American River and Yosemite National Park. Tim Shields also earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School. Mr. Shields maintains his certification as a CPA.

Proud To Run Race Gathers Support for Chicago’s LGBTQ Community

A graduate of Stanford University with a master of business administration, Timothy “Tim” Shields provides portfolio management services for technology and process projects at UBS in Chicago, Illinois. Tim Shields enjoys running outside his obligations for UBS and maintains an active status with Frontrunners/Frontwalkers Chicago (FR/FK Chicago), which participates in the annual Proud To Run (PTR) marathon during Chicago’s Gay and Lesbian Pride Week.

Proud to Run was established in 1982 and consists of a 10k and 5k run/walk along Lake Michigan that celebrates pride and raises funds to support the community’s LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) population. Runs are divided into several categories, and winning teams in each category receive an award. Based on team composition, race categories include self-identified male teams, self-identified female teams, and mixed teams. Teams must include at least four individuals each, and individuals cannot joint more than a single team. PTR hosts a 5k and 10k run for each category.

The 34th Annual PTR will take place on June 25, 2016. Preregistration costs $45 and comes with a number of free goodies, such as a T-shirt, a reusable Whole Foods bag, and a participant medal. In addition, members of the Chicago Areas Runners Association receive a $5 discount when ordering their tickets online. A number of local sponsors and organization also provide a variety of race-day entertainment.

For additional information on the Proud To Run 2017 race and previous events, visit its website at ProudToRun.org.

The Coen Brothers’ Seminal Comedic Film Fargo

Timothy “Tim” Shields is a respected UBS executive who has had a number of corporate leadership positions with the firm over the years. Tim Shields, a Stanford University MBA graduate, guided the creation of business-process outsourcing capacities and assisted in the merger of UBS and PaineWebber. A film and TV buff, he enjoys series such as True Detective and Breaking Bad, and considers Fargo his favorite movie.

Released in 1996, Fargo was a surprise hit for the Coen brothers, who had established a firm reputation in the indie world with movies such as Raising Arizona and Barton Fink. Unfortunately their attempt at a conventional Hollywood hit, The Hudsucker Proxy, was a high-profile bomb. Instead of trying to toe the corporate line, the Coens next delivered what was, up to that point, their most quirky and eccentric film.

A comedy that paid homage to the crime genre, Fargo also reflected the directors’ shared experience growing up in bleak, snow-covered Minnesota. The movie presents an irony-laced allegory on the perils of greed. Known for its over-the-top violence, the movie also stands as one of the Coens’ warmest and most human creations.

Volunteering at Greater Chicago Food Depository

As a program and program portfolio management director with UBS, Stanford University alumnus Timothy “Tim” Shields, oversees sophisticated, long-term technology projects. Aside from his work at UBS, Tim Shields volunteers with the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

The Greater Chicago Food Depository is a nonprofit training and food distribution organization. It provides food for individuals in need on a daily basis and is dedicated to ending hunger in Cook County. Its community resources include a network of 650 pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, and various programs that address the underlying causes of hunger.

The organization carries out its mission thanks to its dedicated volunteers. Volunteers can contribute in various ways, from serving meals at the food bank’s soup kitchens to tutoring in one of the organization’s children’s programs.

Volunteers are also needed for fundraising, speaking to groups, and collecting food donations, among other tasks. Learn more about volunteering with the Greater Chicago Food Depository online at www.chicagosfoodbank.org.

Mistakes to Avoid for Beginning Runners

An MBA graduate of Stanford University, Timothy (Tim) Shields leads program and program portfolio management at UBS in Chicago, Illinois. In his leisure time away from UBS, Tim Shields enjoys a number of fitness activities, including running.

Individuals looking to take up running are advised to avoid these common mistakes.

Beginning runners tend to push themselves too hard, too fast. Ramping up training too quickly can lead to injury, even if the beginner has correct form and high-quality shoes. Because of the impact running has on the body, training too hard before the body has had a chance to adjust can lead to stress fractures. Instead, taper up training on a steady, but safe schedule.

After running a long distance, it’s important to keep the legs moving. Going from a 10K to sitting down immediately can cause the legs to become stiff and sore. Keeping the blood flowing in the legs by stretching, walking, and foam rolling is vital in the hours that follow a long-distance run.