Wonder Project Charater in the spot light :                    ;<) :<)  August (>: (>;                                                   By Timothy                

              Charatcer's Tie to the Theme

Trust, because he found out that some people are kinder then other poeple. Like how jack was nice by helping him, but julen treated him like he did not have any rights at all. He learned that some people are good people and are trusted very well by other people, while others are not like Julain writing notes and puting them in August's locker.

                      Character influences

Jack was a person that impacted August because Jack was turusted by August very well and hung out with august. Jack made August not lonly by being friends.  the charter that august inpacted the most is jack because he hung out with Jack when everyone else left him when he punched Julen in the face and nocked a tooth out. Relation ship is they had each others back. Like when those 7th graders started messing with august jack stood up for him, also when August was jacks only friend.

                       Art representatoin

This is called lego Vango self portait. This reminds me of August because it is messed up like his face is desribed in the story.