Tim Schmidt CEO

Award-Winning Health Care CEO Tim Schmidt

A former lieutenant in the Supply Corps of the United States Navy, Tim Schmidt went on to hold top-level administrative positions with Scenic Mountain Medical Center in Big Spring, Texas; Heartland Regional Medical Center in Marion, Illinois; and Laredo Medical Center in Laredo, Texas. He most recently served as a Division 2 Project CEO with Community Health Systems.

Tim Schmidt’s commitment to professional excellence dates back to his days in the Navy, when he was honored to receive a 1985 Navy Achievement Medal. Over the course of his 25 years in the health care industry, he won several Outstanding Achievement awards for Growth in Admissions, Growth in Surgeries, 2006 CHS CEO of the Year Award, and a number of Excellence in Leadership Awards.

A Brief History of Texas A&M Football

Tim Schmidt recently accepted the position of vice president of healthcare operations at Medstar. He earlier served as CEO of the Laredo Medical Center in Laredo, Texas.

The history of the Texas A&M football program can be traced back to 1894. In 1917, three years after a ranking system was introduced into college football, the team, affectionately nicknamed the Aggies, earned its first first-place finish to a season. The team again finished first in 1919 and 1921, the same year the team won its first postseason bowl game at the Dixie Classic.

Texas A&M began a highly successful run in 1985, finishing in the top three in each of its 13 eligible seasons until 1999, including eight finishes at number one. The team won seven times at the Cotton Bowl during this span while adding five additional bowl game wins, including the 1998 Sugar Bowl and the 1999 Alamo Bowl. As recently as 2012, the Aggies ended the year ranked in the top five. The 2014 team finished 8-5, good for sixth place in the West, and went on to win the Liberty Bowl.