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An Idaho-based licensed real estate broker with more than 20 years of experience, Tim Williams is managing partner and cofounder of the Idaho Research Group. He concurrently serves as president of real estate services corporation Williams Research Group and as president of Single Point Solutions, a company that develops and maintains geographic information systems (GIS) for use in the real estate industry.

A graduate of Texas A&M University, Tim Williams earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics and a master’s degree in land economics and real estate. Early in his career, he held real estate analysis positions with Appraisal Group, Inc., and Langston-Williams, Inc. He is a member of the Boise Executive Association and a board member of the Boise Neighborhood Housing Services.

Outside his professional responsibilities, Mr. Williams supports various philanthropic endeavors, making regular contributions to organizations such as the American Red Cross, the March of Dimes, and Little League Baseball.

Social Media Strategy Tips for Local Businesses

A longtime resident of southwestern Idaho, Tim Williams has established a career as an appraisal specialist over the course of more than 20 years. As a result of his experience with local businesses throughout the area, appraiser Tim Williams was recently appointed as Western region managing director of Pushlocal, an international mobile marketing firm tailored to small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

No matter what your core business is, it’s clear that social media are playing an increasingly larger role in attracting local customers away from big-name corporations. Below are a few brief tips to kick-start your business’s online presence:

Be Authentic.
Posting content to please everyone at all times can seem boring at best, or insincere at worst. It pays dividends to identify your customer base and clearly outline your business’s values. While it isn’t advisable to use a professional profile as a personal soapbox, supporting a local nonprofit can help your business engage with the community.

Be Selective.
Business owners often worry that there simply isn’t enough time to micromanage several social media accounts. Save time by choosing which sites to occupy and populate with content, depending on the user base. For example, Pinterest features a predominantly female audience and focuses on aesthetic images, making it better suited to local artisans and niche products. Digital marketing platforms are a great way to consolidate major profiles into one page and schedule posts.

Be Responsive.
Social media marketing is about actively socializing, not automating posts on a daily or weekly basis. Reminding your customers that there is a real individual behind the brand is a major part of differentiating your message from corporate spam that saturates much of the Web. If a customer has a negative experience, take advantage of the opportunity to publicly reach out and rectify the situation.

How to Get Involved with the March of Dimes Organization

President of a research group that focuses on providing real estate valuation services to companies, Tim Williams is a certified general appraiser in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Outside of his professional responsibilities as an appraiser, Tim Williams supports the March of Dimes, which raises funds to fight premature birth.

March of Dimes supporters have several options for involvement within the organization. For children and young adults, volunteer opportunities include Team Youth, a program that helps students of all ages fundraise and educate their peers on infant health. Adult March of Dimes volunteers may become organizational leaders for local chapters, recruiting others to the cause and giving public presentations on the prevention of birth defects and infant mortality.

Supporters also back March of Dimes through advocacy. Staying aware of federal and state laws that affect the health of infants in the womb is a simple way to contribute to the fight against premature birth. Additionally, the organization seeks corporate sponsors to contribute to funding for research, as well as community outreach and service projects.

Benefits of the Pushlocal Mobile App

An Idaho-based appraiser, Tim Williams is president of Williams Research Group and Single Point Solutions. In addition to his career as a commercial real estate appraiser, Tim Williams manages the western region for Pushlocal.

Connecting people with local businesses, Pushlocal gives organizations an affordable marketing platform to share discounts and promotions with potential customers. The mobile app provides businesses the ability to share deals and exclusive offers and offers users the opportunity to customize their experience.

In regards to promotions, businesses can use Pushlocal to notify interested parties, known as followers, of specials and sales via push notifications on their mobile devices. DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks, for instance, gave Pushlocal followers $7 off their order with the use of a promotional code. The code was redeemed 60 times, generating $1,680 in revenue from one push.

On the consumer side, an individual can personalize their experience by following the businesses that matter most to them. This filters out other content, allowing a person to receive up-to-date notifications of promotions and offers from their favorite companies. The app also caters to travelers by giving them the option of adding multiple locations to their preferences.

Pushlocal Helps Local Companies Generate Business

Appraiser and geographic information systems (GIS) expert Tim Williams has dedicated much of his career to the real estate industry. While Tim Williams continues his work as president and appraiser at Williams Research Group in Idaho, he also makes time to oversee Pushlocal as managing director for the western region.

Co-founded by Brent Bourland and Zach Jex, Pushlocal upholds a mission of simplifying local marketing in a way that is both affordable and measureable. The mobile app connects businesses with people in the community, engaging these potential customers with push notifications.

Local entrepreneurs own and license their cities’ Pushlocal apps. The app is currently live in 26 cities, with licensing agreements signed in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Baltimore. Once licensing is available in a city, local businesses can sign up to use the platform to promote deals and discounts in an effort to generate business. DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks in Austin, Texas, for example, uses Pushlocal for three of its locations. The company ran an internet special utilizing the promotions code “Pushlocal” that gave customers a $7 discount on their order. The result from that one push notification was 60 orders averaging $28 each.

The Pushlocal App

Idaho appraiser Tim Williams possesses more than 20 years of professional experience. In addition to his work as an appraiser, Tim Williams serves as managing partner for Pushlocal’s Western Region.

Pushlocal aims to connect community organizations to local consumers via its app-based technology. Users download the app on their phones, and local businesses and organizations that have signed up with Pushlocal can list available opportunities, ranging from special pricing on products and services to event information. Businesses such as restaurants, salons, and retailers may offer deals or events to users, while organizations like running clubs and churches can share upcoming meeting times. Local publications can connect with readers, and cultural venues can easily provide comprehensive event information.

Users can select multiple cities, allowing them access to information in any community they like. The app offers further customization through its “follow” button, which enables users to select businesses and organizations that are most pertinent to their interests. Additionally, the Pushlocal app has a feed button that the user can refresh at anytime to get up-to-the-minute information pertaining to local events and specials.

The Pushlocal app benefits businesses and organizations by enabling them to engage in real-time marketing. Consumers who use the Pushlocal app gain access to an easy way to become more connected to their communities.