Tips for Availing Fire Insurance & Other Safety Guidelines to Follow

Fire has become an increasingly alarming threat to organisations and companies and it is absolutely essential to familiarise oneself with fire insurance claims because it saves you from the losing your personal belongings permanently and helps you recover them. Here are some tips that you should follow if you wish to avail fire insurance.

1. Always ask for an early payment in emergency situations:

Do not panic during this distressing situation and contact your insurance company for an advance payment before you apply for the full insurance coverage. This money shall be deducted from your total amount that you receive as insurance; hence, you should also keep in mind that you do not go overboard with the advance payment.

2. Enlist your loss:

This is required in order to include everything that you lost during the fire accident because generally the insurance agent will want to verify the loss. Also, do not throw away anything that is destroyed from your home because your agent will want to compare the loss with the list you have provided him/her with.

3. Always claim immediately instead of waiting for a long period:

In order to get the process started, you are required to file for the claim right-away and not delay the process. The insurance company will ask for ‘proof of loss’ claim which includes the list of all the things you lost and the values they held. If you do not act immediately, then you should remember that there are other people who have been affected by a similar catastrophe and they would be chosen as first preference if they claim before you. Also, your claim is required to include the following information:

  • The date and time of loss
  • The kind/type of loss
  • The location
  • The description of the damaged goods/content
  • Injuries, if any
  • The condition after the catastrophe
  • Your police report

Also, you need to keep a track of the documents and make copies of them because your insurance agent would want copies of the same for further proof.

4. Most important: Keep a track on your expenses:

If you did not know, you get reimbursed for all the expenses incurred by you during the time of displacement from home.

5. Document everything, beginning from your repair receipts:

Your insurance claim can help you repair your damaged property; therefore, you should choose a contractor who is experienced and is well-versed with workings of insurance companies. You are also required to document everything in order to produce proof/documents as and when asked for, by the agent.

PS: Keep paying your insurance premiums.