Tips For Buying Shoes For Girls

Shoes might be a woman’s best friend after diamonds, but unlike adults, young girls usually refrain from going out on a shopping spree. Well, thanks to the various online shopping portals, now you really don’t have to step out for this one tedious of a task.

Before you head with your shopping plans for your little princess, consider these simple tips.

Getting the right size girl’s shoe

There are myriad of shoe trends available these days in the market for girls. However, when it comes to buying shoes for girls, size is of utmost priority, as they tend to outgrow quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to not invest in too many shoes at one go.

Measure the girl’s feet

Always purchase shoes in the evening as feet tend to swell after the entire days walking and standing, Measure your girls feet every month. This can be done by either visiting the close by shoe shop or even at home. All you will be required to do is to trace your child’s feet on a piece of paper and then measure from the tallest toe to the back of the foot. One foot is always slightly larger than the other. Therefore take into consideration the one that is larger.

Usually parents fall for the temptation of buying shoes that are slightly big, owing to the ever growing shoe size of their girls. However, it is as much a bad practise as buying shoes smaller than the actual shoe size. It not only leads to many feet related issues but can also cause your child to trip. Therefore, always buy just the right size of shoes.

Avoid heels

Unless there is a special occasion ahead, buying heels for daily purpose should be completely avoided. It isn’t a good habit for the overall development of your child’s feet to use heels on daily basis.

Choose the right sole

Sole of the shoes is the most neglected feature of footwear, especially when buying shoes. The sole must be patterned or textured to provide extra traction protection. The sole is definitely supposed to be thick and sturdy, but should also be flexible enough to bend with your foot.

Don’t buy shoes that are too big