Tips on Getting the Best Visual Content on Your Website

How many times have you heard ‘a picture is worth thousand words’? Perhaps more times than you can remember right? Now fire up your web browser and check your official website/blog or whatever online entity you own. Are you satisfied with what you see?

What’s wrong with Most Websites?

Pixelated, low quality images and sometimes even stolen images are used by website designers. What’s wrong with that, well, first it gives off a very wrong impression about who you are. If you don’t care how your websites, you probably are equally shabby about your products and services – at least that’s what visitors are going to think.

Bad web graphics can very easily eat out on your readership, and in time you will start wondering if you actually need the website at all!

How to Get Your Pictures to Do the Magic for You?

Just as good images get viewer attention, bad ones will drive them away and you definitely don’t want that to happen. UX experts working at Website designing company Delhi follow several guidelines on how to use graphics on websites. Although these guidelines can change from one website to the next there are some that are universal.

  • Placement Of Graphics

Again, a matter of personal tastes but overall web graphics needs to be placed properly for it to make any impression on your viewer. Reading patterns suggest that most readers follow a certain flow when they consume content in a website and that is what UX developers have been able to capture as viewing pattern heat maps. Graphics need to be placed correctly and that alone will get your website the attention it needs.

  • Apt Captions

People don’t read body copy but they sure take a look at what’s written under the image is very important. Apt captions will get your point across better than 100 words in the copy. Therefore, the right text matters a lot more than and you will need the service of experienced copywriters hired by Design and development in Delhi for that.

  • The Most Relevant Graphic

Graphics are good, but that doesn’t mean you will use just about any image you find on the web. We have already seen enough crappy images of people in suits shaking hands! If you are not using proper images, you better not use it at all.

Of course doing all of this is not easy and if you have never commissioned a website before, you will need to collaborate with a good Design and development agency in Delhi.

Author Bio: We don’t need to tell you that appealing visual content on your website is important; it always was and will always be. If your website is missing it, you should find someone to help you with it, here’s a hint - Website designing company in Delhi.