Tips To Choose The Best Reseller For Selling Used Cisco Equipment

Have you ever realized that there is a well established market where you can sell used Cisco equipment? These days, different organizations are seeking ways to stretch their budget, and one of the beneficial methods to do this is by purchasing used networking devices rather than buying new ones. If you want to sell these devices, the very first thing you have to do is to get an idea of its current market value. Below mentioned are 3 useful things that must be done prior to selling them:

1) Make a comprehensive inventory of all the Cisco networking devices you want to sell.
2) Try to do some research online to know the current price of every piece you wish to sell.
3) Get approximately 2 or 3 quotes on your devices from certified resellers to obtain an estimate of the current rate of the equipment.

Selecting the right gear reseller can directly affect your experience with selling your refurbished Cisco tools. You can keep the following things in mind while choosing a reseller partner:

- Ask Questions:
One of the excellent ways to obtain information about a company’s hardware recycling practices and its dealing with sensitive data is by asking a few questions. If you are not satisfied with their answers, you can look for some other dealer.

- See References:
Any recognized company should be able to give you references, which can help you find out how effective are their services.

- Be Loyal:
It is advisable to be honest with your reseller, if you are looking for a good business deal. If a tool is not working properly or is damaged, tell them in advance. Almost all reputable dealers thoroughly test the equipment they buy, therefore, eventually, they will come to know whether the device is damaged or not. The more loyal you will be with your reseller, the more precise your fair market valuation will be.

- Shipping:
If you want to sell used Cisco tools, try to find out how your reseller partner handles shipping of these devices. Will the reseller send a vehicle to pick the networking devices or will you have to make the shipping arrangements? Knowing these details will assist you compare different potential reseller companies one by one.

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